Wellstar Careers: How to Join the Wellstar Mission

WellStar Health System is recognized as a national leader in comprehensive world-class care, emphasizing increased access and affordability. It is the most extensive health system in Georgia and a non-profit organization. 

WellStar actively looks at overall patient wellbeing and strives to ensure that all programs support that focus, serving a population of more than one million people in northwest metropolitan Atlanta. Suitable patients come from healthy communities. 

So they keep a close eye on our community’s changing needs to equip our facilities with the latest, most important, modern technologies to provide the right treatment in the right place at the right time. Will you like to work at WellStar? Check this blog out now!

Wellstar Careers: How to Join the Wellstar Mission
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WellStar Health System: Overview 

Their goal at Wellstar Health System is to improve the health and wellbeing of every person that they serve. Wellstar is one of Georgia’s most comprehensive healthcare systems, nationally ranked and locally recognized for its high-quality care, welcoming culture, and outstanding physicians and caregivers. 

With approximately 25,000 diverse team members across their 11 hospitals, 300 medical offices, outpatient centers, health parks, a pediatric facility, nursing centers, hospice, and home care, their clinicians and primary care professionals operate in a multi-disciplinary environment. 

As well as being the only system in Georgia that operates several trauma centers, they are proud to be home to one of the busiest emergency departments in the state.

WellStar’s specialties include Cardiovascular, Pulmonary, Cancer, Women and Babies, Musculoskeletal, Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Geriatrics, Endocrinology, Internal Medicine, Anesthesiology, Oncology, Gynaecology, Pediatrics, Foot and Ankle Surgery, Podiatry, Surgery, Orthopedics, and Dentistry. 

Why Work with WellStar?

Recognized for three years in a row as a Fortune 100 ‘Best Places to Work’ and featured for eight years in the Best Companies list of Working Mother Magazine, Wellstar continues to attract the best and brightest in healthcare.

WellStar is committed to its Employer of Choice approach that has contributed to several work/life balance accolades, including over the past three years being included in the Fortune “100 Best Companies to Work For®” list. 

WellStar aims to offer the best possible treatment for the top medical practitioners in Atlanta with industry distinctions ranging from Automated Distribution Networks to Working Mother magazine’s “Best Places to Work.” 

This is a career destination where a meaningful and satisfying working life can be built and finished.

How to Get Started?

Jobs can vary from the below options.

  • Administrative and Clerical.
  • Allied Health.
  • Coding.
  • Facility.
  • Homecare and Hospice.
  • IT.
  • Leadership.
  • Nursing Leadership.
  • Nursing Support.
  • Direct Care.
  • Non-Bedside.

To get started, click here. You will be redirected to a form to upload your resume and fill in your essential details. To see the full list of job openings.

Average Salaries

Here are some of the most common and average salaries for the following positions. 

Benefits of Working at WellStar

On the other hand, WellStar provides the following benefits.

  • Health Benefits: Premiums for competitive treatment and coverage for workers and dependents. There is 100% coverage for bariatric procedures conducted within the WellStar network. For prescriptions at reduced rates and the use of payroll deduction, workers have access to our on-site pharmacy.
  • Work-Life Balance Programs: By providing flexible hours, telecommunications, job sharing, and flexible time, WellStar’s dedication to the work-life balance is seen. We provide on-site child treatment, back-up care, and care for the elderly.
  • Wellness Programs: By using our on-site wellness center with discounted fitness courses, workers can stay active. We have a weekly basket program for farmers that allow workers to purchase fresh local produce at an average price of $16.00 or less a basket.
  • Recognition programs: Workers earn recognition through many WellStar programs; the WellStar Winners (WOW) program allows employees with certificates and gifts to appreciate and reward their peers.
  • Parental benefits: Full-time workers receive 120 hours of paid maternity or paternity leave; part-time qualifying staff receives 60 hours of childbirth or adoption benefits. Adoptive parents can receive $10,000 per child in adoption benefits, with a $20,000 lifetime bonus.
  • Additional benefits: College and tuition aid services, pension plans for employee contribution, and convenient on-site dining choices.
Wellstar Careers: How to Join the Wellstar Mission
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Flexible employment opportunities, such as part-time, full-time, telecommuting, occasional, temporary, and alternate scheduling positions, include jobs at WellStar Health System.