Top Five Apps to Find Online Writing Jobs

Online writing jobs entail writing articles, projects, and various other texts; therefore, they provide a wide range of job opportunities. There are a lot of scammers online aiming at asking for a registration fee. If you are looking for an online writing job, you should understand that you should not pay any money to get a job.

Some apps provide the best paying online jobs, and for you to join it is free. They are legit, providing high standard online typing jobs. The apps are different and play a significant role in connecting potential writers to employers.

Here is our pick of the top five best apps to find a variety of reliable online writing jobs.

Top Five Apps to Find Online Writing Jobs 1


If you are looking for a great, legitimate, and reliable site to offer various work opportunities, Upwork may be right for you. Potential employers share their assignment projects on Upwork, where you will sign in and start working.

It is possible to review how many people have sent proposals to a job through Upwork, hence allowing you to choose the right job to apply to where you won’t be met with too much competition.

You should create a profile, and if a potential employer is impressed with your competency in online writing, they will contact you to provide various project proposals. There is collaboration among the employees and online writers to share different ideas.

The Upwork app is available to download on iOS and Android.


Guru is a prominent app started in 2001, providing online writers with the opportunity to access various projects. Guru also connects employers and online writers from different parts of the world. Payments are high and are based on your competency when writing given projects.

When looking to find an online writing job, you should visit Guru, where you will be connected automatically with other people and can begin searching for the right freelance opportunity for you.

When looking for online writing jobs, it is essential to understand free and legit apps. More than 20 million users have been connected with Freelancer, therefore gaining its popularity across the world. There are some similarities with and regular work since they bind projects.

Through Freelancer, you will find long term and short term employers providing various types of online writing jobs. The app is one of the best apps for finding online writing jobs.

The Freelancer app is available to download on iOS and Android.


Fiverr is a useful online platform providing online writers with the best job opportunities. The payments begin at around $5, but they rise as you gain competency and submit more relevant work. This app focuses on the micro-jobs, which include editing short articles, as well as bits of WordPress customization.

Fiverr is unique and has a variety of job opportunities. Though the Fiverr website, you will find some of the best online writing jobs.

The Fiverr app is available to download on iOS and Android.


Glassdoor is an online app providing information and an opportunity to work online as a writer. Potential employers can post jobs for free, and if you are looking for online writing jobs, you can access them and start working with no registration fee.

Payments are per month, and they begin with $7 monthly. The payment depends on the benefits. Glassdoor provides millions with online writing jobs from employers across the world.


It is essential to understand that there are no fees needed for the above apps. Online working requires a person to wake up early and sleep late to make money; that means you must be motivated to succeed. Connecting with some clients will promote your pay. In online writing, the more you work, the more you are paid. Download these apps to get started today.