Top Five Apps to Find Online Typing Jobs

Online typing entails writing articles, projects, and surveys; therefore, it provides a wide range of job opportunities. There are a lot of scammers online aiming at asking for a registration fee. If you are looking for an online typing job, you should understand that you should not pay any money to get a job. Some apps provide the best paying online jobs, and for you to join it is free.

They are legit, providing high standard online typing jobs. The apps are different and play a significant role in connecting potential writers to employers. The best apps to find variety and reliable online writing jobs are listed below, and hopefully they can assist you in your job search.

Top 5 Apps to Find Typing Jobs


If you are looking for the best app that will be legit and reliable to offer various project works, you should at least consider Upwork. Potential employers share their assignment projects on Upwork, where you can find new jobs posted everyday in many areas of expertise.

You simply create a profile, list your skills and experience, and provide a brief portfolio of your past related work. If a potential employer is impressed with your competency in typing and similar work, they will contact you and may ask you to submit a proposal, if you haven’t already gone about doing so.


Guru is another prominent app to aid you in your online typing job search. It provides online writers with the opportunity to access various projects, and it connects employers and online writers from different parts of the world.

Its setup is fairly similar to other such platforms; the main thing to keep in mind is that you will need to dedicate yourself to crafting compelling proposals and applications for jobs. You can easily access the Guru website and begin creating your worker account today.

Platforms like have gained significant popularity around the world. This is why it is essential that you understand it is not just some scheme to make money quick. Freelancing in online typing projects, just like any other job, requires time and effort.

Through Freelancer, you will find long term and short term employers providing various types of online writing jobs. can seriously connect you to a world of legit online work.


While Fiverr starts payments on the lower end, as you build your reputation and portfolio, you can build your way up with clients, too. This app focuses on the smaller, short-term jobs with quicker payouts, which includes typing work of various kinds, along with the other fields work is posted in. Fiverr is unique and has a variety of job opportunities.


Glassdoor is an online app providing information and an opportunity to work online in typing. Potential employers can post jobs for free, and if you are looking for online jobs, you can access them and start working with no registration fee.

The Glassdoor app provides basically the same types of opportunities as the other platforms on this list. Just remember to follow the basic guidelines of rigorously applying to jobs and making sure your profile stands out.


It is essential to understand that there are no fees needed for the above apps. Online working requires a person to put in a significant amount of effort. Long story short, treat it as you would any other job. In online typing, the more you work, the more you are paid.