Top Five Apps to Find Data Entry Jobs

Data entry jobs are prominent and have become popular among millions of people. They are among the best paying online jobs, as compared to surveys and freelance. Online data entry jobs are continuous, gaining popularity across the globe, but it is essential to understand that there are scammers. It is crucial, therefore, to understand the legit apps that will earn you a job. This article explains the significance and best apps used to find data entry jobs.

By the end of this article, you will understand the best apps where you should seek refuge and get a long term data entry job. Data entry is the converting of data from one form to another. Data entry jobs can either be online or offline. Below are the top free apps that will ensure you get a data entry job if you put some effort into the task.

Top Five Apps to Find Data Entry Jobs


Snagajob is a legit prominent company providing data entry jobs to millions of clients across the globe. There are more than four million jobs provided at Snagajob. This is the best place for data entry job seekers to secure a job without making payments for registration.

Snagajob tries to ensure that all employees are paid high salaries. You can find a job from your home town using the unique feature of filtering. Through the Snagajob app, you will be able to find a data entry job online, earning you more money.


2Captcha is an image converting to text; when an employee sends the correct image, they are paid. This app provides secure payments, proving millions of opportunities to workers through their submission of the correct image. To register on to 2Captcha, you should head to the 2Captcha website.

This application is easy and does not require a lot of skills or experience. If you want to earn easy money, this application is one of your best options.


Over the years, Fiverr has been recognized as an application providing millions of online data entry jobs, among other freelancing opportunities. One of the unique features of Fiverr is that you can use Excel, MS Word, PDFs, and Notepad.

Potential employers post their jobs, and once you find the right one that meets your interests and expectations, then automatically, you can join Fiverr. It also provides a Custom Banner that will enable a beginner to join.


Upwork enhances access to jobs posted by various employers online. It is a top app for finding data entry jobs. You can submit your proposal to the employers, and in fixed payment jobs, your pay is guaranteed to you through escrow. To find online data entry jobs in Upwork, you must have an account. When you create a unique portfolio, employers are drawn to you; hence, you get more jobs.


Digitize is a data entry platform online that allows users to create a free account on their website. Payments are easily made after a short, 1-2 day review period in which the data entry you’ve done is approved or rejected. The best part is, you can get paid right into your bank account!


In conclusion, these are some of the best apps for finding online data entry jobs. It is essential to have the right information to avoid scammers, but you can count on these platforms if you are willing to put in some time towards finding a few side gigs to make some extra money online.