Take Cues from These Famous Entrepreneurs

As the years go by, several entrepreneurs record massive gains in their wealth. However, the question is, what do they do that enables them to accrue such astronomical success? How do these entrepreneurs maintain and expand their wealth?

To some extent, most of the individuals making up this list state that establishing a successful business empire does not require a significant portion of luck. Yet, it demands extra-ordinary skills and mindset.

By emulating and picking pieces of advice from these renowned and hugely successful entrepreneurs, you, too, can structure your way into an immense fortune, or at least get inspired. Read along to find out more.

Take Cues from These Famous Entrepreneurs
Image Source: Fox Business

Bill Gates

Bill gates is among the most famous names in the entrepreneurial arena. He is the owner of Microsoft and has built his wealth for the last several years. His current net worth is $88 billion. Also, he has maintained the charts as the leading entrepreneur for decades now.

Gates’s advice to old and new entrepreneurs is to analyze any typical situation from all angles possible and makes fast decisions while sticking with it. Additionally, he stresses on the effects of re-examining decisions continually; because this can make a potential entrepreneur lose their edge and motivation.

Therefore, Gates advises that individuals interested in business ought to be ready to make a specific decision, sticking with it, and executing it to the end, until the situation at hand experiences dramatic change. He warns of second-guessing, stating that such behavior interferes with the execution of a plan.

Jeff Bezos

For sometime this year, Jeff Bezos topped the list of the wealthiest entrepreneurs worldwide. He is the founder of Amazon and is steadily second among the richest men on the planet, and among the wealthiest young men, in addition to Zuckerberg.

He initiated Amazon 20 years ago, which is among the most successful and valuable firms worldwide. Currently, his net worth is valued at $84.3 billion. Bezos’ piece of advice to any aspiring entrepreneur is to be a person on the mission; that is, being that individual that is obsessed with building their clients and products.

He says that one must have a burning passion for your company and whatever service or goods you think of offering. Bezos critically states that being a mercenary outsmarts the mercenary in creating any prosperous company in the long term.

In short, ensure that you have great affection to your business and clients, and prepare to lift them.

Warren Buffet

Buffet is among the most decorated public investors globally, and perhaps many people do not know that he spent so much of his younger years building many businesses. His range of business involved machines, sofas, and he later bought Berkshire Hathaway. Today, he owns most of these businesses!

Warren’s advice to entrepreneurs and upcoming business persons is to float in fun. Yes, have fun. One of his most famous sayings is that even at the age of 85, he still taps and dances to work daily.

Buffet’s vital message here is that in whatever you do, enjoy it, and be consumed with it, stating that you need to have the mentality of “there is nothing else.”

For Warren, commitment and passion are some of the critical aspects of the game. To be a successful entrepreneur, you must be ready to make it fun. Currently, Warren has a net worth of $80.5 billion.

Amancio Ortega

Ortega is famously known as the owner and the founder of Zara, a Spanish retail tycoon. Aside, Amancio is also known as among the reclusive billionaires in the world. He advises any entrepreneur that speed is the key. His net worth is valued at about $78.5 billion.

Additionally, he states that your capacity to execute and think faster than other entrepreneurs accelerates your business and is the hallmark of his success. As such, he recommends that you need to spice your entrepreneurship skills with speed!

Take Cues from These Famous Entrepreneurs
Image Source: Business Insider

Mark Zuckerberg

Here comes the youngest entrepreneur on the list. Zuckerberg is the founder of Facebook and is among the most impressive businessmen of his generation. Indeed, it has taken Mark below 13 years to establish Facebook, the most used platform globally.

He advises entrepreneurs to be problem-solvers and exude the passion for solving problems, experienced within their societies. He says that you do not need to build a business that will result from solving an obstacle you identified. His net worth is valued at about $72 billion.


With business, everyone has their ideas. However, everyone would like to learn from the best in the game. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, Amancio Ortega, and Jeff Bezos, are among the best entrepreneurs who have had massive business success. Every one of them has an idea of how entrepreneurs can get up their game.