Slack Careers: How to Work for the Communication Company

Slack is a teamwork communication hub. Work in Slack takes place on networks, so it’s possible to include all the right people, keep all the relevant information in one place, and quickly get up to speed with new team members. 

Wise, hard-working, modest, collaborative; these are the characteristics that they are looking for in individuals. Slack is building a network that they believe in, realizing that there is a real benefit to be gained by serving others. 

They are simplifying everything they do, and adding more of themselves to their job. Here’s everything you need to know if you want to work at Slack. Read on to learn more.

Slack Careers: How to Work for the Communication Company
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Overview: How Is Working at Slack?

Slack is a layer of the stack of business technology that brings people, data, and applications together. A single place where people can work together efficiently, find relevant information, and connect hundreds of thousands of essential applications and services to do their best work. 

Slack is used by organizations and teams of all sizes, from multinational Fortune 100 firms to corner markets, to get the right people together with all the correct details. 

Slack is committed to shaping distributed work’s future. Whether that means working out of one of their offices, having the flexibility to use a few days a week from home, or working permanently remotely. They provide workers with more options on where they can do their best job.

Work Available 

Currently, Slack is hiring for more than 100 positions. This is according to the job posts listed on Indeed. They currently have jobs available in Engineering, Financial Services, Sales, IT, Marketing, Customer Support, Human Resources, Project Management, and Media.

Benefits of Working at Slack 

You will get a professional development annual grant, plus a monthly stipend that you can use for something. You can get a membership at the gym, your pet sitter, a fresh look at work. Whatever matters to you most. 

For you and your families, you can even enjoy free medical, dental, and vision; Slack pays 100% of your premiums. They also provide access to a variety of free services for mental wellbeing. 

A lot of us of all shapes and sizes and styles have families. They welcome each new addition with generous parental and new-child bonding leave, as well as access to child care assistance programs for children up to age 5.

They endorse remote positions, office-free on-boarding, and working practices that fit modern realities, tasks, and schedules as a completely dispersed workforce. To link and work together from anywhere, they use Slack to its fullest.

How to Apply 

Slack has changed communication for business. It’s the leading forum for channel-based communications, used by millions to coordinate their teams, unify their processes, and advance their companies. 

Only Slack provides a stable, enterprise-grade environment that can scale up with the world’s largest businesses. To apply, go to the Slack website, and click on the Careers section. 

You will be redirected to their Careers site that has all the job openings available per office and category. Upon viewing your desired position, you can immediately fill in your essential details and attach your resume to the platform. 

Average Salaries

Slack Careers: How to Work for the Communication Company
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Below are some of the most common salary information (annual) per job offer.

  • Sr. Manager, Partner Engineering: $200K — $250K
  • Sr. Product Manager, Customer Experience: $150K — $200K
  • Regional Workplace Manager: $200K — $250K
  • Senior Solutions Marketing Manager: $150K — $200K
  • Account Executive, Large Enterprise: $150K — $200K


Slack is a new layer of the stack of business technology. Individuals can work more efficiently together, link all their other technological resources and services, and find the data they need to do their best job. Apply for a job at Slack and enjoy remote working!