Simulation of Your Tattoo: Get to Know the Tattoo Simulator Application


If you’ve ever wanted a virtual tattoo parlor that allows you to try tattoo designs in your own home’s comfort, you’re lucky. You can take a sneak preview at what a tattoo would look like on your body with only an app — free of charge and without consequence.

For several reasons, many of us are contemplating getting a tattoo, but the undertaking will scare us away. After all, there is no turning back once the ink is on your body. It’ll stick with you for better or worse, in sickness and safety.


Removal or cover-up tattoos are legitimate choices, but they come with a high price for both the wallet and pain tolerance. So, with the app below, you can be sure that you will love your tattoo before it is on your body!

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Overview of Tattoo Simulation

In Ukraine, a small yet mighty team decided to develop an easy but effective solution called Inkhunter. This app is designed to help people try tattoos with easy-to-follow directions and advanced camera capabilities.

Inkhunter is an augmented reality service that enables you to try out tattoo designs as if you were trying on clothing. To calibrate the template correctly, you need to mark your skin with a pen first. Draw three straight lines, two horizontal lines, and one vertical line, so they look like a smiley face.


The Tattoo Simulator App: Inkhunter

At the workplace, tattoos are becoming more common. It’s now appropriate to show off your permanent ink in the workplace thanks to the tech and startup community, which are much more relaxed than other industries. Yet, of course, there is also trepidation about committing to permanent ink.

The app lets you put your chosen tattoo on any part of your body. With a marker, you simply draw a smiley face where you would like to be inked. Click the snap button, and then you can pick a few wolves, octopuses, and old maxims like “Brevity is the soul of humor.”

InkHunter really blows all other tattoo design apps out of the water because it allows you to see any tattoo on any part of yourself using augmented reality in real-time. If you’re uncertain about how a tattoo would look or you’re on the fence about placement, this is your app.

The app has excellent feedback, and some tattoo artists are even using it to help give their clients a better understanding of what they should do.

What is Good About it

  • The right to upload your own designs from the device gallery or check them out.
  • The chance to see immediately how a tattoo looks from all angles on yourself.

What can be Improved

  • Limitations on the editing of a tattoo.
  • Uncomfortable advertisements for unlocking new tattoo designs.

Other Tips to Prepare and Be Sure About Your Ink

Find inspiration on Tattoodo

As the largest tattoo group in the world, Tattoodo gives you the ability to get seriously motivated by seeking out, following, and interacting with some of the talented tattoo artists out there. You can think of it as something very similar to Instagram but designed for tattoo enthusiasts specifically.

Like InkHunter, this is yet another app that has outstanding user feedback. This is truly one of the best apps out there in terms of tattoo discovery.

Find the Right Tattoo Artist for You Through Inksquad

Would you want to talk with a pro tattoo artist? You may, with Inksquad!

Like Tattoodo, Inksquad is focused on building a forum for artists and tattoo enthusiasts alike — providing you with a platform to directly interact with a suitable artist who can help you design your tattoo and even book a rendezvous.

This app was only released in early 2018, so it’s still very fresh. This just means that you may have more luck with the more developed Tattoodo community if you’re more fond of the community aspect than the design features.

Browse Tattoo Inspirations on Tattoo Design

Tattoo Design is a tattoo design app that really stands out in familiar and obscure categories because of its vast design collection. Each class has thousands of designs you could support, download, or share.

This app will love you if you really want a wide range of tattoo design ideas to help inspire your own design. The app will also help you locate tattoo studios around you and provide you with their working hours and contact details, as an added bonus.

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Having a tattoo is a huge step for many people and it requires a lot of preparation to do before getting one. Follow these tips now! Hopefully, these apps can help you feel more confident about your tattoo choice.