The Perks of Working for These Top Technology Companies

While landing a tech-related job is already a blessing in itself, being able to work at a top-rated tech company is life-changing. In fact, for people aspiring to make a career in technology, nothing can be better than the thought of working with the world’s largest tech giants.

Although most IT jobs promise high pay, working for the top technology companies comes with even greater advantages. After all, there is no denying that big companies promise bigger opportunities. On top of that, you’ll get the benefit of brand association, which could generate larger connections.

Whether you’re a young professional or a tech expert who wants to seize better opportunities, working for a top technology company should be part of your checklist. Salaries and traditional benefits aside, there are tons of other perks waiting for you once you land your dream role. Read on to learn about the top technology companies and the perks they offer.

The Perks of Working for These Top Technology Companies



Imagine working at Facebook. Surely, you won’t have as much explaining to do at parties and reunions whenever people ask where you work. On top of that, you’ll get to enjoy an impressive salary rate, ranging from an hourly pay of $14.49 up to $104.

You’ll also get to enjoy additional benefits normal employees usually don’t get at other brands, including the privilege of having a paid cell phone, free meals and snacks, a wellness allowance to fund your gym membership, and more.

If you’re lucky enough to land a job in Facebook’s Menlo Park office, you can also have the advantage of having on-site medical, vision, and dental center, as well as free dry cleaning. On top of that, you can enjoy the convenience of having a repair bike shop right at your office site, an arcade, a barbershop, and more.


It’s almost impossible to find someone who isn’t familiar with Google. After all, the technology giant has become so deeply integrated with the tech world that it has become synonymous with the Internet itself. 

If you’re fortunate to land a job at Google, your day-to-day work as an employee will surely be a bliss.

Although you’ll have tons of responsibilities to take care of, you’ll also get to enjoy a wide variety of perks in the process. Similar to Facebook, employees at Google enjoy free day-to-day meals and snacks. On top of that, they can join free cooking and workout classes during their free time.

Google offices also have on-site gyms, breathtaking outdoor patio spaces, and leisure areas. As if those weren’t enough to make their employees feel pampered, most Google offices also come with on-site wellness and healthcare services, which include free massages from expert massage therapists.

According to Indeed, average Google hourly pay ranges from $12.67 up to $86.44, depending on the job position.


Last but not the least, working at Adobe can be a dream come true to many. Aside from the high pay and traditional benefits, employees can also take advantage of the different Adobe on-site amenities. Among these include cafes, gyms, libraries, meditation rooms, cool employee lounges, playrooms, and more.

Office buildings are also often complete with outdoor sports areas, onsite ATM machines, auditoriums, and others. Employees can also spend their free time kickboxing or joining Pilates classes.

At the end of each week, employees get the chance to destress and feel young again through a relaxing TGIF event that comes with free food and drinks.

The Perks of Working for These Top Technology Companies


The Bottom Line

If you are impressed with the perks these top technology companies offer, you can start thinking about which among these three tech giants, do you most fancy working at?

Try your luck and send out your resume to see if you can seize a spot in one of these incredible tech companies as early as you can!