Online Typing Jobs – How to Apply?

In this age of digital nomads, more and more individuals are opting for online and home-based jobs. One such prospect is online typing jobs. Working as an online typist will give you the freedom to work on your own terms, with the clients you like, from anywhere you please. Interested in finding out more about online typing jobs and how you can apply? Read on…

What are Online Typing Jobs?

This may sound very basic as it simply typing on your computer. However, the skills needed for each order can vary. Some clients go for beginner level typists, whilst some offer jobs fit for experts in the field.

Nature of Online Typing Jobs

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or expert level typist, you need to know that there is a wide variety of online typing jobs you can get. Two of the major types are data entry and transcription.

For data entry, you are simply required to input information into your client’s forms, systems or other programs. You may be given a written list or another format which you need to key into computer software.

Transcription jobs are much more complicated as you will need to listen to an audio file and type what you hear. The recordings can range from speeches, dictations, interviews, podcasts and other similar content. The goal for this job is to make the recordings readable.

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Online Typing Job Rates

As a freelancer, you can decide how much you will charge your clients based on your skills and qualifications. For online typing jobs, you can charge per word, per hour or per page. If you choose to pay per hour, the average rate can be somewhere between $7 to $40 (for basic word processing) and $15 to $45 (for transcriptions), whilst the rate per page can be $3 plus $2 per additional page.

Online Typing Job Expected Monthly Earning

As with any freelance job, your monthly earning will depend on how many projects or clients you take. So, if you work for 8 hours every day for 22 days per month, you can earn from $1,232 to $7,040 for basic typing jobs and $2,640 to $7,920 for transcriptions. Bear in mind that clients can agree or disagree with your rates depending on the quality of your portfolio along with your apparent skills.

Online Typing Job Eligibility

If you are interested in applying for data entry typing jobs, you need to be proficient in using data entry programs. For transcriptions, you need to have good hearing and listening skills. Keep in mind that both require fast and accurate typing along with strong grammar skills and excellent spelling. Aside from these, you will need a reliable computer, internet connection, the right software and audio gears.

How to Apply for Online Typing Jobs

So now the big question is – how to apply for online typing jobs? There are a lot of  freelance websites that allow you to get in touch with potential clients. Once you sign up for these sites, you can simply send these potential clients a message or post an advertisement via the website.

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Nowadays, earning a living with an online job can be easy, convenient, but not without its challenges. By developing your skills as an online typist, you can certainly make a career out of it.

We wish you well in finding the best online typing jobs!