Online Jobs For At-Home Supplementary Income

Perhaps you have been laid off work or you are faced with a disease that does not allow you the opportunity to go to work. There are many situations in which people find themselves at home, jobless. This often comes with a lack of income that can become quite worrisome.

The truth of the matter is, staying home, without anything to do is not easy. It takes a toll on your mental health, social life, and, most importantly, the income you survive on. If you have found yourself in this situation for whatever reason, then you have come to the right place.

We have carefully selected some online jobs to help you go through this phase. If you have a stable internet connection and a good phone or a stable computer, then you are ready to start. Continue reading to learn more about the jobs that can provide you with supplementary income.

Supplementary Income

Start An Online Business Or Blog

If you ask your family and friends, the majority have an online business or blog that helps them bring in supplementary income. You will be shocked to find who is making more than $5,000 per month through their blogs. And the beauty with it is that you can create one with as little as $2, which is less than your favorite scoop of ice-cream.

As you start your blog, consider topics such as personal finance, travel, health and wellness, technology, and other hot topics. You will be shocked at how much returns you will make in a few months.

TakePart In Surveys

Have you ever imagined what it feels like to be paid for watching TV in the comfort of your home? There are several websites where you can get these gigs. These include Wagsbucks Inbox Dollars, OneOpinion, American Consumer Opinion, Paid Survey, and so much more. These websites allow you to earn some cash and rewards in the form of gift vouchers, free products, and other goodies. This is a great way to earn supplementary income and relax at the same time.

Earn Money Watching and Liking YouTube, Previews

If you love watching content, then this job opportunity is great for you. You watch previews, celebrity videos, news, and any other video available and you get paid for it. How does that sound?

You can do this on sites such as Swagbucks. All you have to do is watch specific videos, like them, and then get paid in return. They will tell you how many minutes to spend watching a particular video ahead of time. Payment varies, but some people earn up to $200 per month. Not bad, right?

Become A Freelance Writer

Perhaps you have always loved writing, or even reading. Maybe you have an interest in writing or want to develop that skill. Whatever the case, freelance writing is a side gig that earns you a full-time income if done well. The beauty of this job is that you do not need any formal education to get started.

Sites such as Upwork have thousands of jobs and employers looking for people like you to write or edit work ranging from articles, blog posts, copy, white papers, and so much more. What’s more, is that you get paid for every piece of work. Some people have turned this into a full-time, instead of just having it as supplementary income.

Become A Virtue Assistant

Virtue assistants usually work for other people remotely. They are expected to do all sorts of things, including checking emails, travel plans, doing research, and everything in between. Depending on who employs you, you might earn up to $30 per hour. To get started, check out sites such as Zirtual and Upwork.

Online Tutoring

If you have a good command of the English language and other skills, then you might as well consider different tutoring subjects online. Websites such as Chegg Tutors usually offer such services. So, consider signing up with them and setting a schedule.

You might earn up to $20 an hour as a tutor. Other sites that offer English lessons include iTutor, VIPKid, Whales English, and many others.

Supplementary Income

Bottom Line

There is no point in staying home, and being idle when you can use that time and energy to earn supplementary income. Thanks to technology, nowadays, people can work online and be productive from home. So what are you waiting for, check out these sites and begin working today