Online Data Entry Jobs – How To Apply?

In the modern world, data is crucial for the success of any business. Despite knowing the importance of this task, many business owners and entrepreneurs fail to catch up with their data requirements due to their lack of time.

Even professional bloggers, affiliate marketers, and other online entrepreneurs are scrambling to encode the content of hard copy documents into soft copies. They need online data entry clerks or processors to do these significant tasks. Here’s how you can get started with online data entry jobs.

What are Online Data Entry Jobs?

An online data entry professional is responsible for encoding text, numbers or other content into a word processing document, spreadsheet, slides, and any other document forms. Ordinarily, many of them carry out their roles as workers on an independent consultant basis, while others are engaged in their tasks as full-time, part-time, or freelance workers.

Online Data Entry Job Nature

Since your primary task in data entry is to encode a lot of data, you need to have quick and accurate keyboarding skills. You also need to have proficiency in operating various office-related programs such as Microsoft Office, Google Docs, or Apache Open Office. As you are carrying out your tasks remotely, you need a desktop or laptop with an Internet connection to access the database that you will encode information into.

Employers often find workers who are proven to be consistent, reliable, and competent in carrying out excellent keyboarding skills. Some companies also prefer hiring people with strong communication skills, especially in responding to messaging and project management apps.

From time to time, employers may assign some chores such as file management. Other employers may even require applicants to have proficiency in using blogging software as well as email and social media apps.

Because of the flexibility and ease of these data entry jobs, they are ideal for stay at home mothers, working students, and other people who prefer to work at home.

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Online Data Entry Job Rates

Most employers pay online data entry professionals on an hourly basis. According to Indeed, an online data entry clerk can earn from $7.25 to $40.50, with a median salary of $19.06. Some companies hire full-time data entry clerks with rates ranging from $21,000 to $36,000 with an average base pay of $27,231 per year, according to Glassdoor.

Online Data Entry Professional Expected Monthly Earning

Based on the figures above, as a remote online data entry clerk you can earn as much as $1,160 to $6,480 per month (with an average of $3,050) assuming you are working regular office hours. Meanwhile, office-based full-time workers can earn from $1,750 to $3,000 per month ($2,269 on average).

Online Data Entry Job Eligibility

Even as a high-school graduate or graduate of a vocational school you can apply for online data entry jobs. However, you need to pass the KPH (keystrokes-per-hour) test to assure your proficiency in keyboarding.

As a job applicant or freelancer you will need to encode a sample page of content to assess your WPM (words per minute) rate. The examiner will calculate the KPH by multiplying your WPM by 300 (average number of words per page).  You can also do this online.

To pass the screening, you must have a minimum KPH of 10,000. You can then include this number in your resume when applying for jobs or include it in your job proposal when seeking to work with clients as a freelance data entry clerk.

How To Apply For Online Data Entry Jobs

If you are looking for employment you can submit your resume and other credentials on websites like CareerBuilder, Glassdoor and Indeed. For those of you who want to take on freelance jobs (working with clients) and be your own boss, you can apply on freelance sites like Upwork and Fiverr.

Alternatively, FlexJobs is the biggest and best job platform for accessing quality hand-screened remote, part-time, freelance, and flexible jobs around the world. Here you won’t be faced with the huge amount of competition, scam offers and low pay rates you’ll generally find on other freelance sites when searching for online data entry jobs.

We wish you all the best in finding new opportunities for online data entry jobs!