Learn to Crochet at Home with These Free Online Courses

Most of us might have seen our grandmothers or mothers sitting by the fire making intricate crochet patterns. Weren’t you awed by how fast their fingers worked and created something so beautiful, colorful, and unique? 

Now, you can do the same! Crocheting is one of the most common and productive hobbies picked up by people who love to play with patterns and textures. While your mother or granny might not be here to teach you the tricks, you can always find the Internet coming to your rescue.

Crochet classes are for people of all levels. No matter if you’re just starting out or want to take your crochet skills to another level, you can take one of these courses, from the comfort of your home. Read on to learn to crochet at home with free online courses.

Learn to Crochet at Home with These Free Online Courses

Crafty Minx Crochet School

At Crafty Minx Crochet School, you will find a well-assembled course starting from the very basics to higher levels. It is suitable for beginners as the lessons can be followed at your own pace. 

With 23 detailed lessons, all of them consist of concepts, techniques, and methods in an easy language so anyone can understand. One of the highlights of this course is that the graphics are highly appealing, and the videos are for both right and left-handed people. 

You also get a diploma in the end! The cherry on the cake is that the whole course is completely free of cost.

Crochet Basics – Learn to Crochet Within a Week on Udemy

Udemy is a fantastic platform where you’ll find tons of resources, courses, workshops, and classes related to anything and everything you want to learn. 

For learning crochet, there are tons of courses available, but the one we’re discussing here features instructor Esme Liliom whose passion for crochet will keep you motivated to keep learning. With decades of experience, Esme is a kind and patient teacher. 

There are 25 classes of 2.5 hours each, consisting of basic stitching, reading chart signs, and all tips, techniques, and methods you should know to create different patterns and designs. 

This course is exemplary for beginners as it is effortless to follow. You can also download a certificate upon completion! 


Don’t want to sit through multiple lessons as a course? This course by Creativebug might just be the perfect one for you! The 2 part course teaches you the basics and advanced-level crocheting right from the beginning to the end. 

Expert Carla Scott, who also happens to be the Executive Editor of Vogue Knitting International, conducts this class in the most straightforward and precise way. 

Starting from the basics and slowly building the skills to reach the advanced level, anyone having a passion for learning crocheting will love this course! 

Here you’ll find videos from the basics of crocheting to changing colors and moving the intensity of stitches. Creativebug is a platform offering plenty of craft courses and crafting classes to their subscribers. 


Learn to Crochet at Home with These Free Online Courses

Ever wanted to make a personalized scarf for yourself or someone you love so dearly, but didn’t know how to start? Well, this is a chance for you to get started! 

Even if you’re an absolute Crochet beginner, this class is just the perfect one by the end of which you’ll know a great deal about knitting a beautiful scarf without anyone’s help. 

Led by Connie Lee Lynch, a certified CYC crochet instructor, the 2-hour class happens over a module of 20 lessons. Right from selecting the perfect yarn to learning the methods, techniques, chain stitches, weaving, and double crochet, you’ll find a treasure trove of information within this course

The best part about this course is you can design a scarf as you learn. You can take this online course for free; all you have to do is get a subscription to Skillshare. If you’re not sure of that as well, you can take advantage of the 1-month free trial!


All these courses are aimed towards helping you learn crocheting at home without any help! For beginners, these courses come as a blessing with super-talented and patient mentors and teachers who are experts in the field and have an undying love for crocheting. 

If you’re someone who knows the basics of crocheting, but have never gotten the time to do something more with it, then here’s your chance to polish the skill and get creative