Learn Theology With These Free Online Courses

Certain schools and religious organizations offer free online classes or learning materials related to the study of theology and different religions. For their completion, these free offers do not confer credit. 

Students like to gain college credit for a degree program using an online course. Each course is taught by an experienced teacher and includes, for a small fee, video lessons and self-assessment quizzes. 

This list of the best courses or programs in theology contains free classes accessible online. 

Learn Theology With These Free Online Courses
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Bible.org provides an unaccredited online six-course certificate program in theology designed for laypeople, written by seminary-trained instructors. 

While video lectures, PowerPoint presentations, quiz questions, and teacher notes are available online for free, students who pay course fees receive interaction, grades, and additional materials with other students and instructors. 

The platform offers links to a theology question and answers page, papers on theology, and a theology forum in addition to theology courses. Bible.org argues that the courses may represent a strong evangelical influence and are not associated with a specific religion.

Utah State University

At Utah State University, you can start taking online religious education courses. The school first began offering free online courses in 2013 and has students worldwide participating. 

Anthropology of Religion is a bachelor’s level class designed to discuss the idea of religion as a cultural phenomenon for those interested. Students can access video tutorials, lecture notes, quizzes, visual aids, and a list of additional tools. 

The syllabus designates a general textbook that can be downloaded online by students. Course materials include religion’s practices, vocabulary, symbols, and myths, along with the role of religion in culture, its organizational structure, and adaptability in the face of change. 

While credit is not available to complete USU OpenCourseWare courses, students may receive credit for information gained via a departmental exam that could lead to an online religion degree.


To offer accessible educational services, BiblicalTraining.org is a non-profit organization. Any unique Christian practice or denomination is not affiliated with the ‘broadly evangelical’ courses. 

At the general levels of ‘discipleship’ (directed towards all Christians) or ‘leadership,’ free online courses in theology and other subjects are available (Sunday school teachers, mission members, church elders, and pastors). 

Most training via this website is delivered through audio lectures; visual aids or lecture sketches can be used in additional class materials.

Yale University

Video lectures and handouts that can be accessed separately or together as a zip file are included in each of the following Open Yale courses. Links to course pages and video lectures are included in the file. 

The courses at Yale are not taught from a single religion’s perspective, but rather integrate religion, history, and literature into each class. 

  • History and Literature Introduction to the New Testament – This course looks at the scriptures, both as a chronicle of ancient Israel and as a basis for Western ideas.
  • Old Testament Introduction (Hebrew Bible) – This class allows students to investigate these books as literature and historical documents.

The Open University

The Open University offers online access to free learning materials used in its distance learning courses. Printable text-based lessons are given by these religious studies units. 

These short courses do not discuss the material from any religion’s point of view or presume that the learner held a specific collection of religious values. 

  • Religion Today: Themes and issues contain diverse viewpoints on religion. It discusses themes and issues, such as the conflict between historical beliefs and different religions’ transition over time.
  • Studying religion: Often portrayed by printable lectures but features video clips talking about their individual religious traditions and beliefs by people from Liverpool. This introductory course discusses what faith is, opinions about faith, and reasons for studying it a complete chapter is dedicated to the practice of Hinduism in Calcutta.
Learn Theology With These Free Online Courses
Image Source: Charles Sturt University


To get a degree, you do not have to break the bank. The majority of subjects in these courses can be accessed as audio files, transcripts, or videos. On YouTube and iTunes, they’re also available.

Some of the courses are from well-known schools in the seminary. A few of the courses are transformed into college credit. Students may take a single class, or they can take an entire course of study when offered.