Learn the Art of Bonsai: Check Out These Free Online Courses

Exposing the essence of the tree is the ultimate challenge for a Bonsai artist. Via living illusion, the art of Bonsai tells a story. The artist strives within the confines of good horticultural practice to find outlets for personal expression. 

In a miniature world, Bonsai is a fun mix of shape, though, and suggestion, and it endures, like all good art. You will learn how to grow tresses in containers from this Japanese art. Bonsai is an art that, for centuries, has been practiced and perfected, but don’t let that scare you off. 

You are completely capable of growing your very own Bonsai trees without a magical green thumb, with a little guidance. Are you interested in mastering the art of Bonsai? Check out some courses online right here.

Learn the Art of Bonsai: Check Out These Free Online Courses
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Why Learn The Art Of Bonsai?

In the ancient art of Feng Shui, Bonsai has long been admired for their ability to draw life energies in a space, gladly sharing them with those who pass through. 

A Bonsai will quickly spread joy and contentment to those who see it as a source of sight, conversation, and living powers. A home or office can be balanced by asking for nothing but a little love and affection. 

Each Bonsai has a spirit of its own and a drive to develop somehow, but it is still ready to work with its owner to achieve the best result. 

You and your Bonsai will work together to create spectacular living art by training your Bonsai and carefully pruning away older leaves to expose its secret core.

Free Crash Course With Harry Harington 

English bonsai author and artist Harry Harrington on the pruning and conservation of deciduous bonsai. The course starts with Field Elm, unkempt, and Harry walks us through his branch-selection decision-making process. 

He breaks power tools to rough out some deadwood in the classic Harry style. This is a free lecture from the Bonsai Empire’s “Developing Deciduous Bonsai” online course.

Bonsai Empire

Most people think it’s near impossible to keep a Bonsai alive, let alone build one yourself. But actually, it’s not that complicated, and we’re going to show you how in this online practical course. 

Bonsai Empire’s course does not explore theory or in-depth techniques; we teach you how to build a Bonsai tree in five basic steps. In this course, the materials we work with are cheap and widely available, so you can follow our lead and DIY! 

f a Bonsai tree has never been built before, this course is for you. You get unrestricted access to the entire online course without annual payments or hidden expenses. 

You’ll still have unrestricted online access to all lectures and learning materials on any computer, tablet, or mobile device you own after enrolling in the course. It is an online course that is totally self-paced. English subtitles for all lectures are available. They also accept PayPal and credit cards.

School Of Bonsai West

The Bonsai West School is a comprehensive 12-month curriculum dedicated to deepening Bonsai craft and art. We will practice horticulture and design theory using the Bonsai West Collection and students’ plants, developing a broad understanding of Bonsai across many species. 

The Curriculum of the School is supposed to be a Masterclass of a year. Focus is put on gaining an understanding of any rising excellence concept. The transformation of a specimen-grade stock Shimpaku Juniper into a fine and special bonsai will be completed by students during the first year. 

Access to the Bonsai West library is included in the school; a monitored online platform for questions and discussions; and curated video lessons for special emphasis. Each month, the school meets once. 6 All-Day classes/seminars on Saturday and 6 led workshops on Wednesday evening. 

The school fee does not include workshop supplies. School payments may be made as follows: $600 with registration and $375 with class in May.

Learn the Art of Bonsai: Check Out These Free Online Courses
Image Source: The New Indian Express


In the form of a tree, the ultimate purpose of growing a Bonsai is to create a miniaturized yet practical representation of nature

The same worry is also shared by beginners and students: having the capacity to maintain a safe plant. The trick is to monitor the degree of stress a plant is going to take and still stay safe. And of course, with these courses, you will learn this and more!