Learn Excel With These Free Online Courses

The industry-standard spreadsheet software used for data calculations, analysis, visualization, and much more is Microsoft Excel

It can be configured to access data from external databases and is an excellent tool to perform basic tasks quickly and efficiently for data modeling, statistics, and financial calculations with built-in functions. For accounting, business analytics, and statistics employment, Excel proficiency is usually required. 

Here are some of the best online courses for learning Excel in the spirit of being more efficient at work. Check these out now! 

Learn Excel With These Free Online Courses
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Microsoft’s Excel for Windows Training

Why not start at the source when it comes to learning a new application? Nobody knows Excel better than the people at Microsoft, after all. 

Actually, they’ve done a fantastic job putting together this resource center for all Microsoft Office software and resources. There are many free tutorials for Excel training, covering the new Excel version divided into functional learning modules. 


VBA (Visual Basic for Application) is a Microsoft Excel scripting language and a tool for automating repeated tasks.

In this Alison course, You’ll learn how to use the VBA editor, syntax, and comments, and then move on to macro and subroutine development. Finally, you will finish with looping and logical constructs. 

The short online course in Excel can be taken free of charge on the Alison website, which will gain you a shareable certificate upon completion. 

While this course teaches VBA for beginners, you should have prior knowledge of Excel before taking it.


You will learn the basics of Excel in this Free course and become an efficient consumer. Those who have never used this program before and beginner-level users are the target audience for the course. 

Since you will be training and the course, you will need a Microsoft Excel copy for Windows. In the videos, the instructor will use Excel 2010 for Windows, but any version of Excel 2007 for Windows or later will work. 

Before 2007, Excel versions had a different user interface, but the principles will apply. It has been designed to be very easy to follow, as the course targets beginners. In the exercises, you will be dealing with data linked to a book shop. The documents are available for download, and you can watch the videos as you work.

To become a functional user, the course covers the topics you should know. To see all the topics that the course will cover, you can download the Table of Contents document from Chapter 1. There are 89 videos on the course, and it runs for 9.5 hours

GCF LearnFree.org

GFC LearnFree.org provides access to a whopping 29 tutorials and five extras, among the most robust free tools out there. From making and saving workbooks to conditional formatting and more, you can learn the Excel basics. 

The data is very available, and in the end, you can even take a quiz to see how much you have learned.


Exceljet provides hundreds of free walk-through formulas, videos, and blog posts that allow you to customize your Excel training based on the project you are working on. 

It also has many paid services that take a deeper dive into particular Excel topics that its users are interested in—of which there are more than 10,000.

EdX Excel Courses

For those looking for a more formal course, here’s a budget-friendly alternative rather than a one-off tutorial: EdX is a non-profit offering free education for people across the globe — with a fascinating model of timed and self-paced Excel training sessions. 

When users enroll in a course marked as “Verified,” they have the option to pay a fee to validate the achievement and increase job opportunities in return for an instructor-signed certificate with the logo of the organization. 

Those fees are used to finance the courses, giving you the option of taking them free of charge if you don’t mind giving up the certificate. Otherwise, such courses are offered at the “Professional Education” level, for which the fee is not optional. 

The Business and Data Analysis Skills course, offered for $149, is one case.  

Learn Excel With These Free Online Courses
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Ready to start? With these programs, in no time, you’ll be using little-to-no-sweat Excel. Plus, practice makes perfect—why that’s so many tiered courses are affordable. 

Start where you can, and you can continue to broaden your experience and apply the power of Excel for your projects as you begin using more functions and commands.