Tour Guide: How to Start an Engaging Career

Being a tour guide implies traveling while working and visiting your dream destinations. You can also meet individuals from all over the globe, wake up every other day in a distinct town, and become a world citizen.

A tour guide or escorted tour and land tour positions usually fall into the same general category of employment. These jobs, for the most part, are similar, and these job titles are often interchangeable.

The job title can also include a wider variety of prospective duties, including giving town tours, museum tours, and construction tours.

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A tour guide is someone who is paid to further explain the place traveled by the tourists. Photo credits to:

What Is a Tour Guide?

They are someone who is paid by the travelers for the comfort of getting someone to come along with them who understands a particular geographic region. He or she is acquainted with the many details of group transport.

Managing a week-long group tour’s logistics includes a lot of jobs, but the advantages can be fantastic. They meet individuals from around the globe, serve their clients and residents as cultural ambassadors, and often act as informal spokespersons for the region they operate.

They function as teachers and specialists in the history, geography, and culture of the fields they visit.

Types of Tour Guides

This career has a lot of responsibilities. But to divide the tasks, there are different types of tour guides according to the nature of the tourist destination.

These fall under the categories of heritage, cultural, adventure, forest or wilderness, and business.

Heritage Tour Guide

He or she is someone who gives information about the past or history about the place visited by tourists. These sites may include forts, museums, and temples.

Cultural Tour Guide

This type of professional is someone who gives information on the lifestyle pattern of the locals where the tourists visit. He or she may provide information on cuisine, agriculture, cultivation, diet, and places with food specialties. They may also offer a spiritual guide, temple guide, or pilgrim guide.

Adventure Tour Guide

This type of guide may provide information or guide tourists in mountaineering, trekking, skiing, surfing, or scuba diving.

Forest or Wilderness Tour Guide

This type of guide must provide tourists a safe hunting, hiking, camping, or safari visit.

Business Tour Guide

This type of guide must know about how the industry works in the local area. For instance, if a tourist asks about real estate, he or she must provide the necessary details.

Tour Guide Average Pay

According to Job Monkey, the average hourly wage in the U.S. for a land guide is typically $13 per hour, while the average annual salary is $23,000 in America. 

They can also earn between $50 and $150 a day, taking into account many variables such as experience, places, training, type of trip, etc.

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A tour guide is paid per hour or depending on the company’s benefits. Photo credits to:

Where to Apply for Jobs as a Tour Guide

This is a fun and exciting job. Aside from meeting a lot of people daily, you can also travel yourself.

Here are the websites you can scroll through if you’re looking for a job opening in this field.

How to Apply to Jobs as a Tour Guide

Applying for a tour manager or tour guide job is a process that takes time. You also have to ensure that you have the best possible chance of securing an interview with a tour company. Make sure that your cover letter and resume are accurate and specific to the position you are applying for in the company.

If you don’t have experience in this field, go through guide training. There are numerous organizations and tour guide associations that provide training, where certified trainers will hold brief tour guide company classes.

Next, find a guide company and escort agency to apply to.

Then, you can start marketing yourself. Marketing yourself is of utmost significance once you’ve been educated and want to begin finding a job. If you are unable to sell your services and are unable to market your abilities properly to potential employers, you may also discover another profession.

Lastly, once you’ve landed that interview in your chosen tour company, you have to nail it! Research about the company and show professionalism. Make sure you are prepared weeks before the meeting. Study if you have to, and give them a reason to hire you.


You should continue to create and enhance your abilities while you’re searching for a job. Tour guides are in demand when you develop distinctive capabilities, and then, you can obtain higher pay.

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