How to Get a Job at an Amazon Fulfillment Center

Fulfillment is at the heart of the Amazon Company, as they deliver millions and millions of products to more than a hundred countries in the world. Their teams of staff usually possess plenty of skills and expertise that range from inventory management to business analysis and even engineering, which helps them achieve their fulfillment goals at the end of the day.

The Amazon Fulfilment department has been growing rapidly and requires only the brightest and the best talent working there. This helps them continue their excellent performance that has continually been making history over the years.

Again, the evolution of this department is mostly driven by a need for innovation, and part of their DNA is in doing things each day better than they did the day before. They also provide a huge number of products, and they try to fulfill orders as quickly as possible.

How to Get a Job at an Amazon Fulfillment Center
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How Much Can You Earn At An Amazon Fulfilment Center?

The payment ranges depending on what time you will work, among other parameters, but basically, here are the expected earnings at the fulfillment center in the UK.

  • For Day Shift – expect to earn between £9.70 and £10.80 each hour, although it depends on your location.
  • For the Night Shift – expect to earn between £11.21 and £12.76 each hour, of course, depending on your location.
  • Overtime pay is charged between £14.55 and £21.60 per hour, depending on your location.

You can earn bonuses that range between £500 and £750, but this is subject to the date you started working, your attendance, your location, and the shifts you worked. 

This includes the £50 that is subject to your weekly attendance, and another £250 if you will work through the holidays until 24th December.

What Kind Of Jobs Are Available At An Amazon Fulfilment Center?

Each job is subject to the specific location that you are applying from. But basically, each location is bound to have the following positions.

Sortation Associate

This position is responsible for receiving and sorting out all of the relevant postal codes, they also handle a full range of products that are sold by Amazon, and they follow the rules and regulations that are set out by Amazon for the fulfillment center.

To apply for this job, start by visiting the clicking “I Agree” on the website, which is at the bottom of the page, or you can call 0333 043 3871 to speak with someone from the recruitment team sends an email.

This is a position that is based at the Amazon Logistics branch, and the payment is between £10.80 and £11.80 per hour, for day and night, respectively. Overtime rates are paid at between £16.20 and £21.60 per hour. 

Fulfillment Associate

A fulfillment associate is tasked with handling a full range of goods by Amazon, and they must be efficient and effective at the process of receiving and storing all inwards that follow Amazon’s internal process.

You will also be required to pick customer’s orders and ensure that they are of a high level of productivity and quality. Additionally, you must pack and ship the customers’ orders to ensure that they always meet their expectations.

You should also relocate products using a pump truck, a forklift, or a power pallet truck. The position pays around £9.70 per hour for a part-time shift between 05:30 and 08:00 hours, adding up to 15 hours a week.

How to Get a Job at an Amazon Fulfillment Center
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If you are interested in working at an Amazon Fulfilment Center, we hope to give you the information necessary to do this, the kind of jobs available, and what these jobs entail.