How to Fill Up Airbnb Calendar as a Host

One of Airbnb hosting’s most significant features is updating your calendar to enable your guests to book spaces, particularly on the nights when it is free. The updated calendar will allow you or one of your assistants to determine the capacity of hosts you can host.

Therefore, you may need to design your calendar to enable it to have the “available” status for the interested parties, including the free dates. Similarly, your updated calendar can allow guests to know the blocked spaces and the dates that you have not decided about.

Read on to learn how hosts can fill up their Airbnb calendar in the best ways possible. We have elaborated upon some strategies and pricing tips that can help you, if you are an Airbnb host or thinking of being one soon.

How to Fill Up Airbnb Calendar as a Host
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Important Features

The first thing to consider as a host is advance notice. This will help you determine the amount of information that you would require to arrange for your guests. For example, advance notice will help you avoid bookings for the next day and the same day.

Secondly, you can use the preparation time setting. This feature blocks a night pre and post booking, once confirmation is done. This enables you to have enough time to arrange for space for the next client.

Then, there is the setting for the booking window. This element allows you to monitor the time, in advance, when you want to admit the bookings. For example, you can decide on blocking specific dates a few months from now.

Such a move is termed the roll-book window, which means that a subsequent new date is available for booking in the future as every day passes. Therefore, you need to ensure that you keep a close eye on your calendar.

Things to Be Mindful Of

It would be best if you are mindful of the trip length, which is one of the critical settings for your bookings. In such a case, you can target the least and the maximum duration your guests can stay, and customize some procedures for specific seasons and days.

For example, some hosts need stays of minimum three nights, whereas others may need seven days or more, during the high season in their regions.

Additionally, the check-in or out feature can help you identify specific periods when your guests can check-in and check out. This specific feature can help you identify the days within the week when you do not need any check-ins.

The Setting of Your Calendar

Your calendar gives you a detailed daily view of the availability of your lists. It also ensures that it is updated and that you only get guests during the time you are available to host.

You may also prefer syncing your calendar, aligning it with other calendars online to ensure that you know of any future bookings. This setting also enables for blocking off dates on your Airbnb calendar if your synced calendars have blocked them.

Block Dates Manually

Note that your calendar will indicate availability, depending on the preferences set for the reserved spaces. However, you can still block dates manually during those periods when you are not capable of hosting any more guests, or in case you require an extra reservation for individual use.

Customized Price Setting

Generally, your calendar has techniques for customizing prices on particular dates. For example, you can target weekends, holidays, or special occasions to set your costs differently to help you adjust to times of high demand.

Guests Booking

You can determine how clients book spaces you avail. You can use the Instant Book, or manually make the booking requests. Instant Book enables individuals that meet all the standards you have set for your guests and acknowledge your house regulations.

Surprisingly, you could wonder how you get unanticipated bookings or cancel a reservation because of scheduling errors. Notably, this could cost you dearly. Several hosts have reported earning money via the Instant Book, saying the tool makes it easy to process bookings and guests’ listings.

How to Fill Up Airbnb Calendar as a Host
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The cumulative price of Airbnb reservation depends on night rates determined by the host. Also, the prices are inclusive of other fees, as determined by the host.


When you are aware of your booking settings and calendar, you will have an arsenal that enables you to exercise full control on how and when to take-in guests, thereby maximizing your Airbnb hosting experience!