How To Apply as a Virtual Assistant Online

The virtual assistant market is undeniably growing at an exponential rate. This growth may be caused by a number of reasons, but mainly because companies can now hire people who work from far away but can perform a wide rage of duties virtually or online.

Being a virtual assistant today provides good benefits for you and for the company. Initially, you can work anywhere and the hiring company can save more time and money by hiring a virtual assistant rather than an in-house assistant.

Moreover, the virtual assistance market is in demand these days because virtual assistants are effective and helpful to small, medium and large businesses.

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A virtual assistant gives you a chance to work from home, cafe, or anywhere comfortable. Photo credits to

What does a Virtual Assistant Do?

A virtual professional or more commonly known as virtual assistant works as a remote administrative secretary. Being a virtual assistant gives you the opportunity to work from home and perform as administrative assistants or secretaries.

Based on an applicant’s skill set, virtual assistance as a whole covers a wide range of work. An example of these jobs may include but not limited to bookkeeping, online research, or even creating presentations.

A virtual assistant may also schedule appointments and manage events for his or her client’s personal errands.

Often, a virtual assistant is an independent contractor which means that they work for themselves and the hiring company is a client.

Different Types of Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants can do administrative work, personal tasks, content creation, managing finances, research, customer service, email management, social media management, and more.

However, there are different types of virtual assistants. The company can decide whether their virtual assistant does all the mentioned jobs or they can hire according to particular tasks. Here are a few examples:

A Social Media Assistant can perform social media tasks like creating and managing pages, creating social media profiles on different channels, doing research on trends, and increasing social media reach.
A Real Estate Virtual Assistant can help the company with data scraping, posting ads, email campaigns, and database management.
A Virtual Research Assistant helps the company by searching credible sites for up-to-date information based on the company’s needs, compiling research data, and identifying opportunities for the company’s growth.

Average Pay for a Virtual Assistant

Companies can hire a virtual assistant and pay according to his or her experience and skill set. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, they do not compile salary data specifically for virtual assistants.

However, when a company hires a virtual assistant, they shall abide by the labor code from where the virtual assistant is located.

Typically, virtual assistants who work 40 hours a week and can earn up to $2,200 a month.

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Virtual assistants can provide many types of support services to their clients from administrative work to personal errands. Photo credits to

How to Apply as a Virtual Assistant

You don’t need to finish a 4-year degree to become a virtual assistant, however, if you did, this is an advantage. To become a virtual assistant, you can take online training courses through a company or online educator. A few companies can also certify you as a virtual assistant.

Here are a few steps for you to remember:

1. Look for a job online. Search for job openings on sites like or Here you can build your profile, take a few short exams, upload your resume, and add skills. After this, search for clients in other job sites.

2. Organize your profile by highlighting superior organizational skills, communication skills, tech savviness, and ability to multi-task.

3. It is optional to join an organization and get access to a network of opportunities. These organizations may include International Virtual Assistants Association and

A virtual assistant works from home or anywhere comfortable. This is one of the many advantages of becoming a virtual assistant. The high demand and the market growth of virtual assistance has paved way to more jobs.