Geisinger Jobs: Great Opportunities in Healthcare

Founded in 1915, Geisinger developed a highly efficient organizational model, integrating group practices with an interdisciplinary approach to patient care by the team.

They have been recognized as a groundbreaking national healthcare model arising from evidence-based practices and the ProvenCare approach, which strengthens the way patients receive care by improving outcomes and reducing costs. Geisinger includes 13 hospital campuses, two research centers, and a medical college.

It has an approximately 600,000-member health network, covering more than 3 million people in central, south-central, and northeastern Pennsylvania and beyond. If you wish to become a part of Geisinger, read further to know how to get a healthcare job with this fantastic company!

Geisinger Jobs: Great Opportunities in Healthcare
Image Source: Healthcare Facilities Management, Geisinger

What Makes Geisinger Different?

There’s an explanation of why Geisinger is an innovative healthcare model globally. It starts with its people: nearly 32,000 workers who share an unwavering dedication to compassion, quality, creativity, and learning.

Geisinger provides a wide variety of healthcare services, including medical, prescription, vision, and dental treatment. You’ll receive coverage from one of the country’s most advanced healthcare programs for their health insurance advantages. A few of the many benefits include the following.

  • Medical costs are up to 40 percent smaller than the national average.
  • The Geisinger Provider Preference Package offers consumer deductibles as low as $500, primary care copays as low as $5, and specialty care copays as low as $25.
  • Their medical facilities and laboratories are free.

Careers in Geisinger

Their careers include the following fields, areas, or positions.

Geisinger has both its own hospital system as well as the insurance firm. If within the hospital-insurance system, copays are cheaper. For full-time workers, the health care plan is relatively inexpensive, slightly more costly for part-timers.

401k is a 5 percent annual employer investment if you contribute 1 percent. Vacation depends on the job.

Military and Veterans Careers

Service and treatment have been the center of your military career, and now you’re looking to move those skills to a fulfilling healthcare career? Geisinger honors your military service and understands your skills and expertise will help them improve healthcare and affect their patients’ lives.

As a proud veterans’ employer, Geisinger is fortunate to have been granted a Military Friendly Employer status by The Military Friendly® Organization. That means they are regarded as being committed to the growth and advancement of the careers of the military and veteran community.

Learn about opportunities with your colleagues and help them make an even better experience for veteran jobs at Geisinger. You can email their military and veteran recruiters at to find a career for you.

Do You Need Further Help and Assistance with Your Application?

To ask about the application, to arrange for special accommodation requirements, or to receive support creating an email account, please call 877-JOIN GHS (877-564-6447). If you want to make a personal request, visit one of the following places at the Geisinger work centers.

  • Camp Hill, PA – Geisinger Holy Spirit Human Resources 503 N. 21 St. Camp Hill, PA 17011
  • Danville, PA – Geisinger Career Center 529 Mill Street Danville, PA
  • Pittston, PA – Geisinger CenterPoint Professional Building (3rd floor) 300 Keystone Ave Pittston, PA 18640
  • State College, PA Patton Forest Office 2520 Green Tech, Drive Suite AA (Geisinger entrance) State College, PA

Geisinger is committed to guaranteeing fair employment. Geisinger also guarantees that staff and candidates with disabilities have adequate housing.

Geisinger Jobs: Great Opportunities in Healthcare
Image Source: Geisinger Website


You may also contact Geisinger’s recruiters. They are available to assist you in exploring and finding career options throughout Geisinger and provide information on the open positions. You may contact the Geisinger Human Resources Recruitment Team at 877-564-6447.