Discover these Unknown Military Jobs

When you hear the word “military,” the thing that comes to mind is probably men dressed in their camouflage uniforms, carrying big guns and fighting enemies, or you think about Afghanistan and how you wouldn’t want to be a part of all that.

But, did you know there were jobs in the military that did not necessitate you to carry a gun or fight in a war? Well, there are. Many people are military personnel, with all the ranks and the duties, but they work in safe departments that do not require guns or fighting.

From weather forecasters to musicians, chefs, and DJs, plenty of jobs seem like they do not belong there, but they do because some of these positions are pretty essential. Others make life much better for the troops. 

Discover these Unknown Military Jobs
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Here Are 3 Unknown Jobs, That Forms A Part Of The Military


Well, where do you think they get all of their uniforms from? There has to be someone that works as a tailor, and since we all know that the military is not one to outsource these services, it goes without saying that they have a tailor in house.

The tailor’s work is not just to help in making their uniforms, but they are the unsung heroes when it comes to making repairs, and even preparing the badges for the ranks and coming up with outfits in case there are any events.

If you wish to be a part of this job, you must first join the military and ensure that you have the relevant skills, or if you wish to become a tailor, they can train you in this field. They are well-known for training their own.


A saying goes like this: “An army marches on its stomach,” and it is certainly true. Feeding the military is a tough job, but someone must do it. It is actually a vital job, and they do need a decent chef to prepare great meals for them.

The chefs are required to prepare and cook food whenever it’s needed, regardless of the conditions. They cook for everyone. 

In the military, a cook must prepare food as per the military-approved recipes, and they serve the food both in the field and the garrisons. They are also responsible for maintaining the cleaning equipment in the kitchens. 

All the aspiring chefs must first enlist with the US Army and then pass the aptitude test for specialization. Here are the steps to take.

  • Enlist with the military – We have mentioned this before. You must start here.
  • Next, attend the basic military foodservice training – After you are done with the boot camp, advance to the individual training school specific for MOS rating. The culinary center of excellence works with the US army to train more than 6,500 cooks each year.
  • Ensure that you gain some experience in the field.
  • And finally, attend the advanced culinary skill if you want to stand out and be the best.


Musicians in the military are usually paid to perform at high-profile and famous events all over the country. They can play everything from military music to jazz and even contemporary.

They not only play for the members, but they also engage with the public. The work can be done in theaters, dances, concert halls, and even outdoors in open-air concerts and parades. The music is quite diverse, and they can make any music you want them to do.

The Training To Be A Musician

To become a musician in the military, you must first enlist for the service and go through the basic military training, including time spent in the field and the classroom. You will then be trained on survival skills as well as tactical and physical training.

Although the musicians must first be proficient in the art before entering into service, music training is given to new band members. The training length varies as per the musical specialty. Musicians in the military will gain skills through individual practice and regular rehearsals. 

Good attributes for a musician include the ability to play more than one instrument, sing, and the poise needed when performing in public. 

Discover these Unknown Military Jobs
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With military jobs, you may never know what they need unless you research or physically go to their offices and find out. You might be surprised to find out that there are driving jobs, firefighter jobs, and even delivery jobs in the military.