Discover the 3 Top Paying Medical Careers

Some of the most demanding careers in the world are medical ones. By 2030, there will be a need for around 80 million health workers in the world. The issue here is the supply of these personnel. 

The reason why medical personnel is in demand is due to the kind of work they do. Their work is related to helping humans with their health, which helps to prolong their lives. As such, these are also the highest-paying careers as well.

So, if the idea of landing a medical job appeals to you, and you have been wondering how much you will be making, then we are here to help you. In this review, we take a look at the top 3 highest paying medical careers. Read on to learn more.

Discover the 3 Top Paying Medical Careers

What Exactly Are Medical Jobs?

Well, when you hear the word medical, you probably think of doctors. But, that is not all, there are very many other jobs in the medical field that you can consider other than being a doctor or a nurse. 

The most common medical careers are for clinical and non-clinical professionals. These are workers that cover all levels in the medical field.

For example, a pharmacy technician is a medical professional, as well as phlebotomists and radiologists. Audiologists, home health aides, and lab techs are also medical professionals, including physical therapists and occupational therapists as well.

In short, if your work supports patients and you are in the healthcare industry, or in a medical facility, then it is a potential medical career. These are all critical parts of the sector and their work is extremely vital for patient care.


When looking at top-paying medical career jobs, surgeons are always at the top of the list. These are the doctors who perform operations, which give them an opportunity to correct any sort of bone, tissue, or organ related issues. 

They also address internal concerns and alter the physical appearances of an individual. Now, the average annual salary for a surgeon comes to almost $252,040. 

Of course, salaries vary depending on the type of surgeon you are, and they are likely to go even higher than this. Specific specialties, such as orthopedic or neurosurgeons and plastic surgeons, make much more than their peers in terms of earning potential.


This is yet another lucrative class of medical personnel. They are doctors of osteopathic medicine and they treat all sorts of patients using many different approaches as well as prescription medication and medical histories.

They also perform diagnostic tests and many more tests in order to identify what you could be suffering from. The amount of money a physician earns will depend on their specialty, location, and much more. Their salaries can get to almost $208,000 or more. 

For example, a general practitioner has the potential of earning almost $213,270 in one year, while an internist can earn around $200,000 in the same year.


Discover the 3 Top Paying Medical Careers

This is another high-paying medical job that most people do not know about. The work of a pharmacist is to dispense medication, but they also have a number of other responsibilities, such as conducting health screenings and giving immunizations.

Their work involves critical information about their patients including an overview of the side effects of medication and their interaction risks. 

Pharmacists will also provide you with counseling on how you can maintain a healthy lifestyle. A pharmacist with all the correct credentials is likely to earn around $128,000 a year. 


In order to get started in the medical field, you must have a doctorate degree, and you may have to complete an internship and additional board qualifications in order to become licensed.