Deliveroo Jobs: How To Work In Food Delivery Service

It’s the simplicity that’s so alluring. Thanks to apps like Uber or Deliveroo, a private driver will pick up your order and deliver your food right to your doorstep. And maybe it’s no surprise that this year Deliveroo, the business that offers restaurant food to your door, plans to reach £130m in sales.

Supporters claim that this “on-demand” economy provides the freedom and versatility of those who want to work for them to match their jobs to their lifestyle or supplement their income from another job. Plus, Deliveroo is expanding with plans to hit 50 new British towns and introduce 5,000 new restaurants to the options available.

This means millions more of us will have access to food from places like Nandos, Pizza Express, or even your local chippie delivered to your door at the tap of a button. However, what is even better if that you can also make money with Deliveroo. If you are interested in Deliveroo jobs, this is the article for you

Deliveroo Jobs
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Have You Ever Considered Applying To Be A Rider?

The popularity of Deliveroo is mainly down to the way it operates. You can now get food delivered from nearly anywhere that allows you to order takeaway food. The riders themselves are also given a variety of options, with the right to choose their own hours.

It’s part of a significant shift to the work market, with more and more people turning their backs on the conventional nine-to-five schedule and looking to make money in the freelance economy instead. There are loads of companies involved in this area, including Uber, Deliveroo, and Amazon.

This type of job structure offers a variety of benefits to everyone involved. Continue reading to learn more.

How Does the Job Work?

Sometimes you want takeaway, but it doesn’t deliver to your place. That’s where Deliveroo comes in. You simply order the food from your chosen restaurant through the app. Then, your food will be picked up and delivered to your door via the firm and its riders.

When you’re a driver, you’re going to have the option to sign up to make those deliveries. Download their app, and they will let you know when an order has been put in your area, then it is up to you to swipe and approve the gig.

When you arrive at the restaurant, you will then need to update the app and collect the food. This keeps the customer posted about how their order progresses.

In addition, you do not have to ride a bike around all day if you don’t want to. With Deliveroo, you can also sign up to make deliveries on a scooter as well 

How Much Can You Earn?

Deliveroo uses two compensation systems. With the original model, riders make an hourly wage, which is then combined with a small extra earning for every delivery.

There’s now a second model where riders are charged solely on a distribution basis but with a higher cost. According to Deliveroo, the average wage is £10 an hour, but this increases to around £12 an hour for those riders on the charge per delivery model, with payments for each drop currently around £4.50.


The organization also launched free accident policies for bikes and scooters, providing some extra coverage if they are involved in an accident.

The policy comes from specialist bicycle provider Bikmo, which covers medical costs up to £7,500, as well as £50 a night if the driver needs to spend time in the hospital. This policy will cover up to £3,000 at most.

This would also cover up to 75 percent of their annual gross income for up to 30 days if the driver is unable to work following an accident.

What’s more, cyclists enjoy compensation of up to £1million of public liability should they cause injuries when supplying food. Of course, it can be more lucrative to work in busier hours. The company claims that working Friday nights, Saturday nights, and Sundays will help riders earn up to £21 an hour.

Moreover, riders get to keep any tips they get too. If you use a scooter, you’ll get some money to go to the expense of fuel.

Deliveroo jobs
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According to Deliveroo, riders work fewer than 15 hours a week on average. However, there are no minimum guidelines as to how many hours you need to work in a week. You can opt to do one hour one week and 25 hours the next if that suits you. It’s up to you entirely.

The firm reckons that many of its riders are also actively working for other ‘gig economy’ companies, with a spokesperson explaining that they admire the versatility.

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