Check Out these College Winter Break Jobs

Do you like to get hired for the holidays? For around 241,000 seasonal full-time and part-time workers for the holiday season, businesses worldwide are looking at holiday recruitment in 2020. 

Winter break can become unproductive for a college student after the holiday festivities, and reunions with old friends have occurred. And while conventional jobs are often in short supply, thinking a little out-of-the-box will throw up ways to make extra money for that spare time. 

Here are some ways college students can keep busy and earn a little cash during the winter break while at home from school.

Check Out these College Winter Break Jobs

Working During the Holidays: Overview

Christmas is a time to sit back and celebrate for kids, but it’s also a time to cut loose for adults. As a result, many parents are searching for someone to take care of their kids, allowing them to slip away into the city for a night out. 

Babysitting is one of the most common winter break jobs for college students because you’ve proven to be accountable. 

You’re probably one of the most professional people around if you’re studying early childhood education or have earned CPR certification school. What’s more, during the holidays, parents are really thankful for time out of the home. 

If you’re sitting at home, looking after a pet or two for a traveling family, or landing a couple of babysitting gigs, it doesn’t matter. Thanks to grateful parents in your neighborhood, you’re likely to return to college flush with hard-earned (and much-needed) income. 

Work in a Local Retail Store

For all sales activities and sales associate job duties, a local retail sales associate is accountable, from welcoming customers, answering questions, offering assistance, recommending goods, lending opinions, and supplying product information. 

For students who are looking for internships, this is an excellent opportunity. Local retail stores provide a unique atmosphere that encourages development and rewards success for individuals. The work environment is usually stimulating, demanding, and enjoyable. You are going to get the opportunity to work with bright, highly motivated people. 

An entry-level sales intern with less than 1 year of experience should expect to receive an estimated gross salary of $14.49 per hour based on 30 salaries (including tips, bonuses, and overtime pay). Based on 42 wages in PayScale, an early career sales intern with 1-4 years of experience receives an estimated total salary of $13.00 per hour.

Personal Shopping

A lot of people right now, particularly the elderly, are trying to restrict their outings. The provision of shopping (and return) facilities may be an impressive winter break for teens and on-the-break college students who like to shop. 

For anything from Christmas presents to food, advertise yourself as more than a delivery person or an errand runner, but as an amateur private shopper. 

Some individuals prefer someone who can email them with concerns about substitutions or even give suggestions and gift ideas, even with several stores providing pickup and delivery service.


If you’re going back to your home town for your college break, consider assisting local high school children with their final exams or SATs, which mostly occur during the summer or winter after college break. 

Think of areas in which you are eligible, contact local schools for possibilities, or even look for remote tutoring jobs online. For a tutor, the average pay is $17.45/hour.

Snow Jobs

Seasonal resorts are busy during the holiday breaks and are searching for ski instructors, chefs, lodge employees, restaurant personnel, and even others to clear the trails and roads. 

During the busy winter months, ski resorts and holiday destination events such as dog sledding are also looking for assistance. On average, ski interns and instructors earn $13.5 per hour. Check out for job openings

Check Out these College Winter Break Jobs
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PayScale, which offers hundreds of different winter occupations with wage comparisons, says it scoured its database to find the best jobs for college students that do not need a degree and are part-time. Try out these jobs now!