Check Out the Perks of Starbucks Employment

If you want the chance to make meaningful connections and have an effect every day, become a “partner” for Starbucks and work really great somewhere. 

A place that values people and their contributions and balances acceptable company practices with a passion for enhancing our world. 

Without our partners’ passion and determination, Starbucks couldn’t succeed. And they believe that when shared, success is best. Here are some of the many benefits of working with Starbucks! 

Check Out the Perks of Starbucks Employment
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Starbucks Partners, Not Baristas

To refer to a Starbucks barista as a barista would be technically incorrect. They’re called partners, according to the company. 

While that terminology may promote a sense of professionalism and dedication, it also has a financial meaning. 

They are referred to as ‘partners’ because they get a small percentage in the company one year into our employment, so they are all stock partners. 

Partners can make between $10 and $15 hourly, depending on the region, with 401(k) matching and health care.

Benefits Of Becoming A Starbucks Partner

Starbucks takes pride in its partners. They offer comprehensive benefits to eligible partners working full-time or part-time, including health (medical, dental, and vision) coverage. 

Your benefit options at Starbucks, along with health coverage, include life insurance, disability coverage, vacation, reimbursement of tuition, employee assistance, commuter benefits, adoption assistance, and more.


Because of the Affordable Care Act requirements, Starbucks uses your position and work schedule to determine how your eligibility date for initial benefits is calculated. 

On the first day of the month, after 60 days of employment, full-time partners become eligible for benefits. After being paid for at least 240 hours over a three-consecutive period, hourly retail partners, including baristas and coffee attendants, become eligible for benefits. 

During and on the first day of the month following your starting date, Starbucks starts tracking your paid hours and will continue until you become eligible. 

You will be qualified on the first day of the second month following that calculation once you have been paid 240 hours over three full months.

Medical Benefits

Their health or medical plans include hospitalization coverage, office visits, lab tests and x-rays, emergency care, prescription medicines, and mental health and chemical dependency treatment. 

Starbucks’ plans involve coverage of alternative care treatments, such as acupuncture, chiropractic care, and homeopathic care. The availability of such programs is dependent on the position of a partner and the proximity of health care providers within the network of each plan. 

Premera Blue Cross administers the Premera Silver, Gold, Health Savings Plan, and Hawaii Plan, which are available to all eligible partners living in the United States. In Hawaii, partners can enroll in the Premera Hawaii Plan or Kaiser Hawaii.

Life Insurance

For all benefits-eligible partners, Starbucks offers additional life insurance coverage. Salaried and non-retail partners can select a one-time annual base pay coverage. Automatic payroll deductions can be used to buy extra coverage, up to four times base pay (subject to plan maximums). 

Automatic basic coverage amounting to $5,000 is provided to retail partners. In flat dollar amounts of $10,000, $25,000 and $45,000, supplementary coverage may be purchased. 

Partners can also buy life insurance coverage for their spouse or domestic partner and dependent children at affordable community rates.

Employee Assistance Program

This service offers short-term therapy for stress-related problems, emotional problems, important job accidents, and other personal issues, including financial, legal, and everyday life (a child care resource, elder care, knowledge about schools, and more). 

EAP services, regardless of eligibility for benefits, are available to all U.S. partners and their eligible dependents.

Savings Plan

A simple way to maximize your savings by pretax and/or Roth after-tax payroll deductions is the Starbucks 401(k) plan. Starbucks associates or the U.S. payroll of a participating organization, aged 18 or older with 90 days of service, are normally eligible for inclusion in Future Roast 401(k).

Qualified partners can contribute up to the annual IRS dollar cap ($17,500 for the calendar year 2014) from 1% to 75% of their pay for each pay period. A higher IRS annual cap ($23,000 for the calendar year 2014) is extended to partners aged 50 and over.

How To Apply To Starbucks?

Being a Starbucks partner means being part of something bigger: promoting meaningful change in the world as you grow in your career and your community.

Interested in applying? Click here to be redirected to their website and check out their job openings! 

Starbucks needs to see a straightforward goal or technical overview for your resume that shares the qualities you possess that will serve you well in the position you are applying for. 

You should keep it succinct to keep the object simple. Just a few sentences, max, should be your objective or technical description, making them count by providing the most relevant data.

Check Out the Perks of Starbucks Employment
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Built specifically for Starbucks partners, these incentives, services, and assistance help connect partners with the tools to be their personal best.