Career Tips: The Secrets to Successful Group Work

Successful group work comes with its challenges as it brings different value sets, opinions, work goals and past experiences to work together. The good news is, teamwork can be built and developed as long as you follow some tips.

Building successful teamwork involves lots of energy and dedication from both employees and employers alike. Handling individuals with different personalities and backgrounds can be challenging.

It’s important to know where to start from for it to become easier. So, how can you achieve this? Here are some tips and secrets that can help you build a successful team, which gives way to great group or teamwork. Read along.

Career Tips: The Secrets to Successful Group Work
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Be Careful When Hiring

When hiring, remember that it’s not only the IQ that matters. Go further and establish beyond technical skills, and see how their EQ, personality, character and value set will be a good fit in your team.

The goal is to have someone communicative, tolerant, and able to work well with others. Ultimately, social skills matter a lot. For instance, some people work better independently rather than working in a team, which is important to be mindful of, when hiring.

Define Your Team Goals

To help your team achieve the set goals, first clearly identify what those goals are. They will need direction and briefing before they even know where they are headed for.

If you can’t clearly explain your goals, write them down and place them somewhere everyone can see them. You can either use your company board, BlogIn, or any other convenient place easily accessible by everyone.

Set Timelines to Achieve Your Goals

It is not fair or even realistic to set goals and not set deadlines to accomplish them. Also, keep in mind you are dealing with human beings who also have flaws and, so be realistic in setting your timeframe.

Also, communicate openly – we can never stress this enough. Additionally, ensure all your team members are well aware of the deadlines for their projects.

Never Show Favoritism to Specific Individuals

To build accountability and trust, you need stable leadership. To achieve this, always have productive and frequent team meetings, and allow constructive feedback on different projects.

As you do this, avoid showing favoritism towards particular individuals as this will make others feel unappreciated and left out. Make sure you are not overloading some people with too many tasks and distribute them equally without prejudice.

Encourage Communication with an Open Door Policy

We can never stress enough on how important communication is in any organization. If there are any concerns within a team, deal with them head-on. Ignoring their interests will not take them away. Be willing to solve them.

You should also have a positive attitude and be dependable. Never lose your temper under whatever circumstances but instead be predictable and reasonable in your problem-solving.

Career Tips: The Secrets to Successful Group Work
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Encourage Your Team Members to Always Help Each Other

You can have a meeting and ask your team members what their idea of teamwork is, what impresses them, and how to improve. In their previous experiences, what are the qualities that make a good team?

You will often hear answers such as flexibility, fairness, positivity, consistency, and willingness to change. Gauge and see where you stand and how you can improve if you have to.

Bottom Line

Most of the times, it is through the relationships that we create with others that we obtain the greatest rewards. We spend most of our time at workplace, and it makes more sense to get along and work productively with our colleagues.

Unfortunately, some issues such as stress, silent treatment, or overloading someone can cause problems at workplaces. Therefore, follow the above tips to build a successful team and encourage great teamwork.