Ben and Jerry’s Careers: How to Work for this Amazing Company

What if I tell you that there is another way to have pints of Vermont’s finest premium ice cream and frozen yogurt every day aside from buying them? Yes, you can get them for a discounted price, if not for free, by working for Ben & Jerry’s 

Internationally known Ben & Jerry’s works as one of the world’s most recognized ice cream chains. It established a global presence at most grocery stores and franchised locations through sales.

Ben & Jerry’s is always looking for people who are willing to work in the ever-changing landscapes of the ice cream market to make an impact (not just for free ice cream). Read on to learn how to work for this company.

Ben and Jerry's Careers: How to Work for this Amazing Company
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About Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s makes premium ice cream renowned for its high quality and unique add-ins, from big chunks of bakery items, nuts, sauces, chocolate, and candy pieces, all with their own fun unforgettable names. 

The company is based on a sustainable corporate concept of linked prosperity and is committed to it. There are three interrelated components to their mission: economic, social, and product.

Their economic mission is to achieve sustainable financial growth, while their social mission obliges them to use their business in new ways to contribute to the world’s betterment. Finally, their product mission steers them to make great ice cream.

How to Apply

All employment applications for Ben & Jerry’s jobs are processed by Unilever (their parent company). You can apply for jobs online or in-store. It typically takes only a few days for applications to be approved, with average processing times of at most one to two days.

Some job candidates might wait a week or two to hear back from the chain store. Large pools of applicants and the availability of jobs can inhibit candidates’ likelihood of securing reviews.

Workers can call, email, or visit preferred locations if driven, to ask about applications and check to hire progress. The act also shows extra value in job openings and demonstrates a commitment to working for the famous ice cream chain.

The minimum working age for Ben & Jerry’s jobs is 16 years old. Job hopefuls need to exhibit exceptional leadership skills, the willingness to take guidance, and happy personalities to receive consideration for recruiting.

Ben and Jerry's Careers: How to Work for this Amazing Company
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Available Positions

They need a variety of individuals and disciplines to provide a taste bud-boggling journey fantastic enough to take clients all the way to the state of euphoria, as they claim to make the best possible ice cream in the best possible way.

The Vermont Manufacturing Team is currently recruiting for production staff to assist their St. Albans team in carrying out various roles in the production process of ice cream to ensure the machinery’s secure operation, with an emphasis on delivering quality goods.

Other positions available are Maintenance Technician, Racial Equity & Inclusion Director, Global eCommerce Manager, and Associate Global eCommerce Manager.


Ben & Jerry’s provides a great benefits package which includes the usual things and three free pints of Vermont’s Finest super premium ice cream and frozen yogurt every day. You also get paid family leave, and health club memberships.

The typical employee of Ben & Jerry enjoys discounted prices on ice cream and other products. The company also provides bonus incentives, career development programs, and job opportunities in the company’s corporate offices.

Other career benefits differ by place, such as salary increases. Select individuals who meet the requirements for employment benefits may also reap the benefits of 401(k) retirement plans and options for life insurance.

Ben and Jerry's Careers: How to Work for this Amazing Company
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Tips for Applying

As if they were igniting friendships between two strangers, hiring managers of Ben & Jerry handle interviews and the application process informally.

Before official hiring, current and former employees often bring up candid conversations with recruitment staff and potential coworkers as major components of deliberations. 

Throughout the phase, workers should stay open, polite, and approachable in order to receive an actual chance of getting hired. Obtaining open schedules also helps job seekers to compete for positions at the entry-level. 


They strive to make the “best possible ice cream in the best possible way,” but a large part of working at Ben and Jerry’s is to be able to work with a group for optimal results.

Ben & Jerry’s careers may be for you if you want to work for a company that requires you to bring your values as well as talent to the table.