Begin a Music Career With Soundcloud Premier

Every new artist on SoundCloud must be wondering how to make money. Thanks to its prosperous and straightforward features, this platform is 100% friendly for contemporary artists. 

Singers or producers can opt to upload their works free of charge and encourage users to download the tracks or put on a purchasing connection sponsored by users. 

Either way, getting used to these features can be very tricky for a novice. So if you want to make money and begin your music career on SoundCloud, continue to read and find out on this site how to make the first step! 

Begin a Music Career With Soundcloud Premier
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Overview: Basic Information You Need to Know

SoundCloud revealed in 2018 that it is opening up to the public its direct monetization service, eventually offering the opportunity to make money off the site to most artists. The software was developed four years ago, called SoundCloud Premier, but has been limited to an invite-only beta. 

SoundCloud’s self-monetization step follows Spotify’s recent announcement that it will start letting independent artists make money from songs that are self-uploaded to its website. 


You must be an independent developer with a Pro or Pro Unrestricted account to apply for Premier and have at least 5,000 plays from SoundCloud-monetized countries in the last month (which is, for now, limited to the US, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, and New Zealand). 

There will be no copyright strikes against your account, and you have to be 18 years old (or your country’s age of majority). 

It will allow only original material, although there are suggestions that other content, such as podcasts, remixes, and complete DJ sets, will be considered in the future. 

Non-exclusive are any songs monetized with SoundCloud Premier, and the artist holds all rights.

How SoundCloud Premier Works?

Sign the monetization agreement for SoundCloud Premier. After this, follow the following steps.

  • Upload a track or pick from existing songs, check your song’s originality, and instantly monetize SoundCloud. Click and upload your music to the Upload option.
  • Fill in all the necessary details about the album that you want the audience to remember. With the basic version of SoundCloud, the window should look like this.
  • Click the Metadata tab. You will find that SoundCloud requires more information about the song. The artist is, who the composer is, the album title, or its publication date. You are not required to write all this information down, although it is advisable to fill it in.
  • Copy the third-party web page where listeners can purchase your song and paste it into the Buy-link box below. This way, since it is connected to only one store, you have total control over the song’s purchase.
  • Click Save to upload the music, it can be streamed online now, or SoundCloud users can purchase the track and have it on their phone all the time. If you want to change the song’s status or edit any incorrect information, go to your profile’s Tracks section, click the pencil symbol next to the music, and correct the error.
  • To obtain more plays and reach new SoundCloud fans, use Promote on SoundCloud. Access your stats, all from your SoundCloud account, and royalty reports.

How The Monetizing Works?

You will earn around $0.0003 for each stream count. If your songs are played in the countries mentioned 1000 times, the songs’ producer will make $3. 

Therefore, singers must establish a more extensive fan base and attract new audiences every day to have a stable earning from SoundCloud. It is risky to work in music, and one must go all-in to be successful. 

Also, 55% of the revenue share will be earned by the singer. In other words, SoundCloud will take 45% of the earnings away from him/her for every $1000 that the singer makes. 

However, this revenue share is more significant than any other streaming service, like Spotify, provided by SoundCloud Premier. Spotify offers 50 percent of the revenue share to artists only.

How To Make More Money?

Here are some tips for becoming more popular with newbies on this music platform. 

First, it is essential to maintain the artist’s true style as this is one of the main variables that distinguish the artist from the others. 

Second, regularly interacting with listeners is smart. This will bring the artist closer to the audience and make them feel that a talented human being is supported, not a machine. 

Finally, the key to reaching new fans is promotion. The artist will be guaranteed a stable income by a solid fan base that does not stop growing. But, the most influential audiences that any artist can have are loyal fans. So if you’re planning to spend your fan base, don’t forget to show love to new and old fans alike.

Begin a Music Career With Soundcloud Premier
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These are the steps and tips on SoundCloud that will help you make revenue. Every musician does need the perfect equipment to have a successful career.