5 Reasons to Attend an Amazon Hiring Event

Job seekers came to Arlington, Virginia, and washed sweat out of their brows in September 2019. Some of them dressed in smart suits and others in simple jeans and T-shirts, but they all had one mission – to land a job at Amazon.

About 5,000 people were in a long line waiting for the long-awaited Career Day of Amazon. The event took place simultaneously in six US cities to fill the 30,000 available positions of the e-commerce giant.

Although career events are still not allowed in most countries, landing an Amazon job is still a big deal! Do you want to hear some insider information on how Amazon is beneficial for you and your career? Read further to know why these many people try their luck with Amazon!

5 Reasons to Attend an Amazon Hiring Event
Image Source: Business Quick Magazine

Working with Amazon Gives You Tons of Benefits

In conjunction with the $15 minimum salary per hour for Amazon employees, the organization provides industry-leading perks to its full-time workers.

This includes full-time medical services from day one, 401(k) matching up to 50%, parental leave paid for up to 20 weeks, and a flexible Ramp-Back Program and Share Leave Program that allows employees to share paid leave with their spouses and partners.

Their groundbreaking Career Preference initiative for partners who hit their one-year mark offers 95% of their high-demand course tuition.

More than 16,000 staff has studied game production, visual communication, nursing, IT programming, and radiology in 10 countries since it was launched four years ago.

They Have Great Medical Benefits Too

Amazon’s medical plan encourages partners to select from many choices to meet their families’ needs.

This includes a health insurance plan (with contributions from workers and employers) and various network providers. Dental and vision policies and a flexible dental and dependent care are also included in the medical coverage.

Amazon Hires for More, Giving Job Seekers More Chances of Getting a Job

From September 16, 2020, job seekers have been able to engage in one-on-one career coaching with an Amazon recruiter, interviews with recruitment experts, as stated at the Amazon Career Day website.

Karamo Brown, Hit TV Hit “Queer Eye,” and Leland Melvin and Ian Siegel, CEO of ZipRecruiter, the former astronaut, and football professionals, will be speaking. Amazon says the event is open to all job seekers, including those who don’t want to work with the online shopping business.

The number of job applications in 2019 reached an incredible 200,000 for 30,000 positions. The number of hired employees this year may be even higher.

When Hired, You Know You are Safe

Amazon’s associates’ physical and mental wellbeing are company’s highest priority. The employees too are proud of their work in this field and their overall progress.

Amazon offers comprehensive health coverage beginning on the first day so that workers can access health insurance when they need it the most, and can take 24-hours a day available, free and confidential counseling services.

When Hired, You Will Have a Safe Workplace During the Pandemic

Amazon invested $4 billion in employee safety and consumer protection investment. Associates in Amazon will have 24/7 access to a doctor who will assist in diagnosing, offering care, and administering short-term medications at a lower price than the urgent or emergency appointments, free of charge or at a small amount.

5 Reasons to Attend an Amazon Hiring Event
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Amazon is not only one of the most well-known companies today, but also a sought-after employer. Though no Amazon Hiring Event is currently happening, it is very beneficial to attend one.

This way you can learn the many benefits Amazon offers to its employees and how it always put the employees first. If you want to know about Amazon’s job openings before its next career event, check out this page to learn more.